As from 4th of April 2021 all UK registered MGB’s (so long as they haven’t been significantly modified) are eligible for the DVLA’s Historic Vehicle Status (no more road fund licence to pay and MOT exempt if you choose). This is based on the build date and NOT the registration date of your MG.

As we have had a few issues where members have been in contact as a result of having issues with the DVLA over this date of build proof are offering the following –

Historic Vehicle/ build dating letter

The Club have worked with the DVLA since 2012 when they contacted us regarding a vehicles identity.

As a result we have a good relationship and they have always accepted our confirmation when it has come to identifying and ageing our vehicles.

I personally used the the attached when requesting historic status for my Jubilee 5 years ago and until now have helped a further 5 or 6 members with DVLA requests.

If you are having issues with gaining Historic status for your MGB or alternatively have another issue please let us know as we are only too happy to try and help.

If you haven’t already purchased one it would be advisable to order this letter in conjunction with our certificate of authenticity (this is also offered as part of a pack).

Please note that although we have never previously had an issue whereby the DVLA has disregarded or rejected our statements we cannot be responsible it they were to do so.

Any questions then please ask.


This is available either on its own (£8) DVLA Dating Letter

or as an addition to the welcome pack, Which includes a Certificate of Authenticity showing your MG’s build details (£25)  DVLA Dating Letter + Welcome Pack

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  1. Keith Murray

    Hi Colin, tried a couple of tax offices this AM to have car classed as historic. The blank stares from behind the counters made me think that I was speaking vulcanese. You note gives me impression that after the 4th April I may get some positive responses from PO? Not the obvious shorthand by the way. Let’s hope that your letter and some general advice on how to proceed would be welcome. Thanks Keith

    • Colin Goodey

      Hi Keith

      As it is a government thing it is never straight forward 🙁 .

      Thanks for the order and I’m sure all will be well once we are into the new financial year on the 4th.

      kind regards


  2. ross_rl

    Hi Colin, thanks for posting this. I’ve recently (this week) been in contact with the DVLA about this very issue, please see below the responses:-
    “We appreciate you taking the time to contact us in relation to this matter.
    It may help if I explain, acceptable dating evidence can be obtained from:
    – an extract from the manufacturer/factory record – these will have the chassis number of the vehicle against the month and year of production*
    – an extract from the ‘Glasses guide’ – which is a comprehensive guide on production dates and includes chassis numbers.
    – a dating letter that is accompanied by an extract from or references the “Trader Handbook”* An extract from the Trader handbook alone is not acceptable.
    *A certified copy of the factory record (with the embedded stamp) will be acceptable only from the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust (BMIHT).”

    I responded asking why they can’t accept the fact that the factory closed in 1980 as proof that the car was built over 40 years ago and I got the following response:-
    “In order for us to make changes to the Date of Manufacture, we can only accept documentation provided in our previous response.
    Unfortunately, evidence of the closure of the factory does not qualify as evidence.”

    Maybe I’m missing something here but clearly it’s not worth pursuing as I know I won’t get anywhere. As you said, it’s a government thing and will never be straightforward. Perhaps something will change on the 4th, but if not I’ll order one of the dating letters from the link above and try that – if it works maybe the DVLA can update their list of what constitutes acceptable evidence.

    Best wishes,

  3. Mark Naylor

    Hi Colin,
    If i send the V5C Registration Certificate to the DVLA to have the Tax class changed to ‘Historic am i able to use the car on the road while i wait for a new V5C to be sent to me?
    Best regards,
    Mark N

  4. magson

    I gave up with the Post Office. Didn’t fill me with confidence. .So I sent all my documents recorded delivery to DVLA 3 days ago. Included in my pack was a BMIHT Certificate. Let’s see what happens in the next 3 weeks. I would be interested to know if anyone succeeds with a JULE Certificate. I have read a number of articles saying DVLA will only accept a BMIHT Certificate -nothing more nothing less.

  5. Frank Whyte

    I am having exactly the same problems as fellow members. The DVLA have stated that my LE is not eligible for tax exemption until April 2022, because although the car was first registered in March 1981, it had no record of manufacture, so they have “assumed” that it wasn’t manufactured until December31 1981? Go figure!
    On the, hopefully, plus side. IF I can provide proof that the car was manufactured in 1980 they might reconsider!

  6. ross_rl

    Just to follow up on this – I asked the DVLA directly if a dating letter from the MGB Jubilee & LE owners club would be accepted as proof of build date, I explained that the club is affiliated to the MG Owners club and the dating letters are issued based on a database that was compiled in 2009 from the factory records held at Gaydon (the very same records that the BMIHT use to produce their Heritage Certificates) but guess what?

    DVLA response:- “A certified copy of the factory record (with the embedded stamp) will be acceptable only from the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust (BMIHT)”.

    So that’s it, you will need to purchase a Heritage Certificate from the BMIHT (which costs £45 inc. P &P) and send it (the original not a copy as far as I can tell) along with your V5 to the DVLA to get the taxation class changed (unless your car was registered before the 8th January 1981 in which case it will automatically be eligible and you can do it through the post office). It’s very annoying (and quite pathetic in my opinion) that the DVLA will not accept a dating letter from our club, I just hope that they return my Heritage Certificate after spending £45 on it!!

  7. magson

    Just an update. DVLA received my documents on 9th April. I have just checked my LE details on their website and they have changed year of manufacturer for 1981 to 1980 in the last couple of days. Now I am expecting my new V5 through the Post this week plus separately my Heritage Certificate and tax refund. Not bad considering they have been on strike , so with the bank holiday I lost at least a week. Hey ho.

  8. Anne Bunting

    Took all our documents to our local post office to change taxation class to historic on 10 April. All documents checked including heritage certificate showing build date of October 1980.
    Yesterday V5 sent from DVLA taxation class still PLG. Phoned DVLA this morning they say build date is 1981 and don’t bother reapplying until April 2022 as they won’t change their records. Any ideas? Robert.

  9. ross_rl

    You need to send your V5 (fill out the bit about taxation change to Historic Vehicle), the original Heritage Certificate (not a photocopy) and a covering letter to the DVLA. You would think the DVLA would apply some common sense and realise that a build date in 1981 isn’t actually possible because the MG factory closed in 1980 – but nope!

  10. magson

    It was made clear to me at the post office that they cannot change the build date. If they say they can – they are not familiar with the process. DVLA has to do it. Send your docs to them and ensure it’s the original Heritage Certificate. Get a signature for them. As per Ross.

  11. John Openshaw

    Went to post office yesterday 2nd of June to tax and register my LE as a Historic Vehicle, completed process and 12 months tax free of charge. The post office took part of log book to send to DVLA. This is after two letters to DVLA to convert to Historic Vehicle with out success and log books returned with PLG.

  12. magson

    Just an update – on 24 th May I went to the PO with my documents and obtained a receipt for nil cost and VED for 12 months . I left the V5 front page with the PO who forwarded to the DVLA for change to historic tax. After 9 weeks and two tel calls I see the DVLA issued a new V5 on Fri 23rd July. This shows up on the vehicle check page of their website. I am expecting the V5 in the post this week. I am also expecting a VED refund as I taxed the car 1st May. All this started on 6th April when I applied to have the build date changed from 1981 to 1980 with DVLA. So that’s 3 1/2 months. There was an article in the paper last week stating there are 1.4 million documents outstanding at the DVLA. Coupled with at least two strikes the DVLA is not performing at all. If anyone is waiting for documents- expect huge delays.

  13. Robert Preston

    My MGB GT Le was built on 4th Sept 1980. Sent a request for historic status on 5th April 2021. Three Months later got a stock letter back from DVLA stating car was not eligible. No acknowledgment of evidence sent (not a heritage certificate but a BHMIT archives email confirmation) nor of the fact the factory closed in October 1980. I thought they might use common sense on this matter….. Oh hold on its a government department how silly of me!

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