J.U.L.E. was established October 2007 as the only known dedicated register specific to all special edition MGB’s, MGC’s or Midgets which left (or were commissioned by) the Abingdon factory between 1962 and 1980. This includes any special prototypes or race prepared cars and the U.S. 1975 anniversary special/Limited Edition specials. If you own one we would love to hear from you.

Obviously the two well known special models of MGB were namely the Jubilee in 1975 and Limited Edition (otherwise known as L.E.) in 1980, ironically they were both produced to and celebrate completely opposite events.

If you own a MGB Jubilee, Limited Edition (L.E.) or any other MG special why not join our group where you can contribute & share valuable information with other like minded owners. As a member you will be able to read about the history, join the discussion forum and get info on technical matters as well as help with restoration and benefit from our group buys. What are you waiting for?