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1 of 3 in Australia Prev UJO922

Hi all.
Hew to all this but spotted this one for sale in South Australia
Claiming to be one of only three in Australia. Not sure of the validity of this claim but if so I have acquired another one of the three so will keep my eyes open for the third. Could have our own special little club here in Oz!!!

Goodness your auction houses sound more like they sell repossessed goods.

She is on our register (JULE 280) and the photo is exactly the same as on the auction. Has it actually sold?

With yours we have 6 jubilee's in Oz & 1 in NZ. 😀

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Hi Nerdy,
I purchased the 1975 Jubilee from the Grays auction site and the car is back in Victoria in my collection

Great to hear she's gone to a good home and is registered with this club.

Well done on keeping the cars on the road.

Bob Hubbard