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45 years

We are now less than a year  away from the 45th birthday of our cars. 9 years ago we had a meet in Abingdon. Should we start planning something for next spring/summer?

I have not been on here for a bit and now am retired so have time to help coordinate.

Anyone with any ideas?





Hi Trefor & congratulations on your retirement

As it will be 40 yrs of the LE I was going to suggest a joint effort in the Abingdon area. Happy to assist and for you to lead if you have the time. Also if anyone else is interested in helping please PM and we can set up a mini comittee ?

Hey Michelle and Trefor .... perhaps we should repeat the very 1st run we did all those years ago ??

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

I will try & get us in to the Stoneleigh show & the NEC in November next year but I have to wait for the application forms & to see if we have been excepted.

Last time we were at Birmingham I did kind of bum lick the organiser on this.

Colin did you not say something about a Jubilee Anni?

Bob Hubbard

Colin, if you want to set up a sub committee to organise the 40/45th anniversary I will volunteer, Colin