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I have recently bought A19 MGB this is a MGB LE built in 1980 but not registered until November 1985.
Originally it was C889 RPG. It is on the MGB register MGB: Register Number:17332.
Unfortunately the history file is very sparse. I’m wondering in any members of the club are able to help out with my cars history. Where it was before it was registered, previous owners. Any documentation or information would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Nigel & Welcome aboard

You have ordered the welcome pack which will give you all the build data but other than that the register can't tell you much as it is the first time we have had her on it unless our historian, Michelle, can throw anymore light?

My suggestion is to drop Andrew Vigor (MGB Register's registrar) an email to see if he has anymore info on previous owners and also it may be worth contacting the DVLA although TBH I think that since all the data protection laws came in that this may not prove as fruitful as it once did ...

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Thanks Colin,

The car does have an MGB register number and I have joined that club. Andrew has given me some information and I'm waiting on a previous owner to get in contact.

I will be applying for a heritage certificate when they reopen as well. That will tell me where it went from the factory. I do know it has been with the previous owner for 18 years and stored for most of them. It was MOT'ed in 2006 and had 36391 miles on the clock, 2019 it had done 36585 miles and this week it has just been MOT'ed with 36627 on the clock  between then and now it has done 236 miles.

As and when I get more information I will be adding it to my cars history.