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Ahh! No power when key is turned!

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So, I just got my car back from the garage after having the new clutch fitted, it ran like a beast with it in, and I thought I could get some driving in now that I have it back.

But first problem arose, fuel leak, in the hose connecting the carbs, was a split, easily done, mustve been a small crack in the garage, and I made it worse by driving it home, but that was an easy fix, got a new bit of pipe put on it for 50p

But when I thought everything was ok, I drove my car today, and all of the sudden the car cut out when I used the brakes, so I thought prehaps the brake lights had shorted, but no fuses were blown, everything worked fine again, then I went to use the indicator, and it cut out again.

Now when I turn the key to turn the power on, I get nothing, no red light, no fuel pump on, nothing on the steering column works except the horn.

I can turn the key and get the starter motor going, which in turn get the engine running, but then as soon as I disengage the starter motor it just cuts out, and it recieves no power.

Somthing must've shorted or somthing, but the question is, where?

Any ideas guys?

Did they take the gearbox out or leave it in situ when they did the clutch?

I had a similar problem when I did mine and the engine earth wasn't correctly fitted, it would struggle to start then find an earth. But I still got a red light when the igniton was turned.

Is the battery all connected ok? Sounds like a power problem to me, rather than a short. All your fuses in order? Battery isn't moving around in the box is it, causing the + part of the battery to short on the body? Try another battery, might be the one you've got has gone.

You tried looking at the starter motor? Check all your leads are connected and clean.

Thats all I can suggest at the mo!

Yes they had it all out when the clutch was done.

I have checked the fuses, and connectors, and the battery, nothing seems damaged or disconnected.

The battery must be fine, as the radio plays fine, the hazards switch on and so do the lights, everything works except anything on the wheel, as that requires the key to be turned to operate.

As the pump doesnt turn on when you first turn the key, its now only a short amount of time before it won't even turn over as there will be no fuel in the system.

I just fires up, and then cuts out when you turn the key back, everything works when you have the starter motor running, but I would just bugger up the starter motor if I hold it on to see if it eventually stays running

So the starter motor will engage and turn, but when it appears to start and you let the key go back everything cuts out?

yes, exactly it

If it starts and fires up but when the key returns to position two it all dies it is most likely linked to the wiring on the relay under the bonnet/on the starter motor. Check the red/white wire (spade connector) on the starter motor to make sure it hasn't come off/got a bad contact? Also like pete says check that the earth strap is fitted (correctly-as I have seen it sometimes where the strap has gone to the wrong side of the gearbox rubber which really doesn't work well).

If this doesn't sort things out let me know?

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Well, I checked the battery yesterday to try and rule it out, and the connections seem perfectly fine, they are where they have always been, plus if It was badly earthed, then surely none of the electrics would work.
I will give it another check though just to be sure that it isn't earthing somwhere else.

I will check the starter motor in a bit.

As all the items in the car are earthed via (-ve battery wire direct to the body) it is possible for everyhing that is not on the engine/gbx to work normally.

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Was a bit too tired last night and wasn't thinking clear! Now I got whats happening in my head, I would go for the starter relay, connections on starter are in the correct place and check the engine earth strap as per the above comments for faults.

I have a problem on my starter relay, where when I engage the starter it just clicks and doesn't turn. A few taps of the starter relay and hey presto, she turns and fires. Sounds like to me the relay is playing silly buggers, or you got a bad earth.

I'll get some pics for you of where the engine earth its supposed to go and be, as I had a starting problem when I did my own clutch. But mine problem is I'd turn the key, and it would be very laboured in turning, and then all of a sudden it would turn and start. I cheated :@ and extended mine and the pics will show where it now connects.

All fixed 🙂
Seems there was a bad conection of the brown wire under the dashboard in the wiring harness.

Put it back in, and hey presto, away we go.

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