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Alternator Finally Packed up

My Alternator finally gave up yesterday, and i was wondering, should I get the standard lucas Replacement, or are there any others tht will fit which are better?

Could be cheaper finding someone that renovates them, as it more likely be cheaper than a replacement

You really don't have much luck:(...are your carbs sorted now?

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Speaking from the past, buy a new one.

Bob Hubbard

I'm a lucky guy 😀

Yes the carbs seem to work better now after a bit of fiddling, spark plugs are no longer black now, and I appear to be getting much better fuel economy. Vaccum advance has a leak though, which I need to replace, but for now a bit of tape has sufficed.

I took the alternator off yesterday, and it seems to move freeley, but I don't know if its sounds any good in the turning. But when on the car it would not move at all.
I just want to get my car back on the road, so I will probably go for a straight replacement then.

RatSport do an uprated alternator if you really want

ah yes, its been a while but I just got back from holiday and a few days before I left must be more than 3 weeks ago from now, Me and a mate set out and changed out the alternator for a nice shiney new Lucas one and replaced the fan belt.
after a bit of fiddling about and a lot of rust removing to free up bolts we had the new one on.

Got back yesterday and the car started up no problem which I am chuffed about, gave it some food, and everything seems to be running as it used to now, getting some squeaking from the exhaust at the back but a little WD40 on the rear bracket has hpefully sorted that one out.

One thing I think i do need to do now is to have the timing and points checked and possibly consider electronic iginition.

Problem is I have never done timing and points ever, and as much as I want to learn how to do it all, I learn by doing....then usually breaking it and spending lots of time recifying it before I learn my lesson....and I don't want to do that to my only car.

Is there anyone local-ish to me who wouldn't mind helping me at all?
I would really like to make sure my car is tuned properly, but want to learn how to do it myself, and if someone could go through it with me as we do it on my car it would definatley help without me being worried of disabling my car or damaging it further.

I wish I was closer but if you ever find yourself heading north up the M1 (Northampton + 20 miles) then you are very welcome. I am sure though that Bob Hubbard will be able to help and he is only a few junctions round the M25 from you.

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

I may have to plan a trip up 😀
My only worry would be the fact that I would be driving the car up there to tinker with... so if anything were to go wrong, I would be as you say....buggered.

You're very welcome & don't worry you'd definitely make the return trip.

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break