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another one going

ebay item no 260740075445
poor things being sold for its wheels,sat in scrap yard,this is a jubilee and a ex jule member its build no 572 and according to my records has a plaque-no 329,such a shame it was on ebay last feb i suppose it didnt sadly not allowed another one.


What a waste indeed. Can anyone save her?

It's too late all the bits are listed on ebay and bids have been made on some.:o
The facts of life are that it is worth more in bits than as a whole and its not all bad 'cos the bits might save other jubilees from the scrapyard or improve them.

I agree but if they continue to try ripping the parts off rather than simply unbolting, idiots, then the parts will be worth very little

£160 😮 at the minute, but reserve not met. 6 days to go......