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Back to the paint shop !!

Tax is out at the end of the month so it looks like a winter layup with just a couple of jobs to do, starting with a total repaint due to micro blistering appearing on what was at first sight a great paint job last year, its just the tailgate, bonnet, roof and top of the door panels,rear wings, its really a shame but not as much work when I first got it, but bad enough,there will then be some cosmetic work to finish off inside and fix the prop shaft .:(

It's that time of year when a lot of people will be putting their cars to bed

Bob Hubbard

the joy of mgs its neverending up keep but theyre worth it!!!!!!!

Mine looks great from the outside, but not touched the suspension yet, or for that matter any of the oily bits you can't see. I'm hoping to do all this or maybe just part of it before next summer;)