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Body parts needed

Hi, I am looking to sort out some body work on my Jubilee and wonder where the best place for a replacement near side door and outer sill may be. Looking on ebay the affordable ones are in no better state or collection only from miles away. I found the MB Hive which looks good for parts. Never buying parts before I thought some one out there may be able to recommend a place/shop/supplier.

In addition I will need a quantity of paint to give a full re-spray and companies appear to be harder to find than hens teeth! Any suggestions?

Any help would be gratefully received.

Sussex Classic Car Parts in Surrey might help you with the parts or British Motor Heratage tht we went to a few years ago with the club.
Michell might be able to help with the paint code for the Jubilee.

Bob Hubbard

the jubilee paint code is blvc 25 new racing green but beware lots of shades!