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Bouncy speedo

My speedo seems to bounce at 10 - 30mph but then settles down to a steady (but slightly inaccurate) reading.

There are a numbe rof on li e forums saying it's best to lubricate the cable and ensure it is not twisted but not to lubricate too near the speedo itself.

My question is what should I lubricate it with? 3 in 1, WD40, graphite???

I would pull the inner cable out of the ouer cover, clush with petrol then lube & replace the inner cable. Or just buy a new one.

Bob Hubbard

Agree with Bob.
When you lube it ,use LM Grease NOT under any circumstances WD or 3in1.If you get oil in the Speedo head, that will cause the speedo to bounce around. The cure for that is to send the speedo to Speedy Cables & get it rebuilt. You should check that the seal at the gearbox end is still ok otherwise, gear oil will get into the speedo.
Regards John