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Brooklands MG Day 8th April

I am planning on taking my Jubilee (JULE 13) to this event and have been in touch with Jason who owns JULE 12. Hopefully we will have Jubilees LHO145N & LHO146N together side by side that day.

The plan as well is for my wife to take her 2006 reg MG TF.

Are there any members here who are going and just wondering if there are if we could arrange a little group travel together there. I am based in Langley just off the M4, and usually go the back way to Brooklands via Runnymede and that which is a better way there than via the M25 and the like.

If so let me know.


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peter cobb

If anyone is interested our local MG Club is organising a charity road run starting in Leicestershire and finishing at Rufford Abbey Country Park on Sunday May 13th, approx 70 miles of tulip led country roads. If interested contact me on 07583 231393 or visit


Thought you'd all like to see that this finally happened..........LHO145N and LHO146N together at an event.....

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peter cobb

Great !B)