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can anyone help!

im trying to find a jubilee,for a lovely man we know.he used to own it and it won awards,sadly it had to go due to divorce.we met him at couple of shows when his come up and admired sid,last year he actually gave us a new set of the honeycomb sill covers as we had the chrome mg ones,which as he said were not original.steve knows him from years ago as he was an extremely good panel beater who could produce any panel from a piece of metal.anyway we saw him again yesterday at the folkestone show and he desperately wants to find his old car just to see its alright although he did say hed love to own one again sadly he is very ill can hardly move and as steve pointed out an mg is not easiest car to get into.he actually used to be the mgcc jubilee co-ordinator and took over from geoff simpson so knows his stuff .i would love to find his car but its not that simple its been to ireland and back so has had various reg nos,being GOB 2N when he had it its also been BIL2382 and YGY632Y.ive tried dvla enquires on all nos unfound so it prob has yet another one,he sold it in 1998 and it went to trying you lot as this car would of been pristine so surely must still be around its chassis no is 378576 and engine no 5736.can anyone help or have any suggestions i thought perhaps of contacting the derby mg car club,apart from that i dont know but i would love to be able to tell him his very beloved car is alive and well as sadly he is a dying man.
please can anyone help!

Hi Michelle - have you tried the MGCC B Register? John Watson's the contact and crops up regularly on the MGCC's forum.

I remember the car registration from somewhere. Probably now sitting in a field in Norfolk...:o

i hope not.thank you dickster on to it:D