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Castor Angle Correction Kit

I don't know how many of you find your steering exceptionally heavy but I did (despite all new suspension and tyres) especially when driving at speed round tight corners-not good:(

I had previously read up about castor correction kits and how they could help solve this problem but as it required removing the front crossmember (which can't be done with a V8 in the engine bay) I have not been in a position to fit one until now.

Having looked around the most commonly advertised one is Frontline's kit but I was firstly not keen on the price (£83 + vat) but more importantly the fact that their kit is alluminium, and we all know what happens when steel and ali are put together don't we?

I did a bit more digging and found that Brown & Gammons make a kit which is firstly only £30 but more importantly has stainless steel spacers-much better:D.

Here is the standard kit-AHH6195CASTOR(they also offer a poly bush version for an extra £5)

The instructions are very good and if, like I did, you think it is possible to get to the mounting bolts without removing the front coil spring you'll find that you can't. Once the springs are out you can get to the bottom bolt more easily. Word of note-make sure that the top nuts are done up to the correct 56LB because you don't want it to work loose and spin as it's hard to get it back tight again

As you can see from the following pictures the crossmember has to be dropped by quite a long way to clear the bolts.

This picture clearly shows the stainless spacer plate in place. This obviously relocates the front crossmember slightly further down at the front, which alters the camber angle to suit modern day tyres. What it doesn't show is how fiddley it is to hold everything in position whilst it is all put back together again.

Well having finished it in less than 4 hours I was very pleased with B & G's kit but obviously the proof was in the pudding. TBH I was fairly sceptical that two thin pieces of metal could make such a difference but it really does work. My steering is now much lighter at low speeds and, more importantly to me, doesn't load up during high speed cornering anymore-which was a nightmare before.

Would I recommend it?-definitely. If your steering is particularly heavy and especially if you are contemplating a front suspension overhaul it is a 'no brainer' in my opinnion not to fit this kit. The only downside is that your Mrs's will be able to drive your car:o

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break


Didn't put thosr plates in when I did mine. Amazed it makes such a difference. What pressure you put in your tryes? I usually run 30 front and 32 rear to get a nice balance between steering and grip. The manual did suggest 22psi if my memory serves me right!

Hi..Amazing isn't it?

I was running similar pressures to you but with the kit the steering was, believe it or not,too light so I let the pressures down to book figures (22 front & 25- for 175 section tyres) which weights it quite nicely. Nice not to feel like you've done 10 rounds with Tyson just by turning the wheel:D:D

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break