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Dash Plaque for 1981 LE Roadster

Hi Colin,
Put me down for a Dash Plaque for my 1981 LE Roadster with the following engraving please:-

Top:- Car No: 943 - 1000

Bottom:- JULE 265

Just let me know and I will post payment.

Thanks for all your efforts

Best Regards

Martin (JULE 265)

Guys, out of interest, were these plaques standard issue when produced?

What information should be on it? Production number / 1000 and say chassis number?

not for the LE but have been reproduced as if MG had produced them in the same style as the Jubilee but with the silver/red theme rather than black/gold.

Uploaded files:
  • le_plaque_car168.jpg
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sorry, i posted up before reading the other posts/threads...