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I have just sent off to the DVLA a V888 form requesting any information they hold on my Jubilee LHO 145 N.

I have seen on other forums that people have obtained some useful information on their cars, I was just wondering if any members here had given it a go and what they had leant about their cars?

Best wishes


Excellent service from them on the history of Jube 465 which started life in Scotland, had a change in reg no. and finally came South some three years ago when I bought it.

By using this system I managed to get in contact with my Jubes 1st owner who told me what the missing plaque number was for mine 🙂

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

When I had my LE Roadster I applied to DVLA and got loads of details about the previous 10 owners (including Barry Sidery Smith who races an early MGB Roadster at his age of about 80!) plus 2 plate changes etc. Very useful helpful and informative.
No mileage tracking across the 35 years was possible from DVLA data but VOSA introduced computerised MOT records over the last 5 years or so of course. That helps too.

Well the information has appeared from the DVLA, and whilst it answers some questions, it throws up some new ones as well. My dashboard plaque bears the name RA Woollard and the number 45. Well Miss Rosemary Woollard was not the first owner, she was owner number four out eight. The first owner was Major Edmond Fellows who had the car from new until May 1976 when he sold it.

Originally LHO145N was to have been first registered on 8 June 1975, but it seems someone asked for it to be changed to 12 June. The 8 June date ties in with the registration date of two other "LHO" Jubilees.

The documents received of course now throw up a bit of a conundrum. Do I retain my dashboard plaque with RA Woollard on it, which I now know is wrong, or do I swap it for one which I get engraved with Major Fellowes on it? The latter would be more accurate of course, and in keeping with what should have happened back in 1975.

It's always interesting finding out the history.

In my case My Jube didn't come with a dash plaque but the v888 revealed her first owner who had removed the plaque but since lost it but did know that it was no. 40 so I could replace it.

If your plaque is an original (screw on type not stick on) then it is possible that it was numbered but not engraved with the first owners name or that the subsequent owner got a new old stock plaque and replaced the original with their name. Personally I wouldn't worry as it all adds to the patina 😀

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

I probably will leave things as they are, plaque wise.

Plotting the various addresses as he has moved from place to place has been interesting. Unfortunately no one filled in the mileage part of the form, which is a shame. But I now know much more about his history.

Just noticed that most of the sales seem to be in the first few months of the year. Hmmmm.