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E-Bay Find

No stripes and no wheels but looks good. Has the interior plaque on the front bumper!


I spoke to the seller and got his Jube's details (no. 51 off of the line). Sad to see it has lost it's Jubilee looks (Micky is really upset with his statement "THE GARISH GOLD SIDE DECALS/WHEELS HAVE BEEN REMOVED WHEN RESPRAYED (VERY 70's!)") but that aside she looks to be in very good condition

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

£ 2.5 Grand and 5 bids blimey

Bob Hubbard

It appears that Ebay buyers think a defaced Jubilee is only worth 2651 pounds in spite of the fact that the seller spent a lot of money defacing the car. One man's "Garish" is "Elegant, Unique and Rare" to many others.

too right.hope whos got it will put back as it should be!!!!!

It didn't reach its reserve, so I suppose it's still unsold