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Ebay LE Roadster

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Seen on Ebay for £1,000
Reg AKD 166 X and it's not on our books

Bob Hubbard

It'll be interesting to see what happens to it I note that it has a reserve price so it's not for sale at £1,000.
A company in Burton on Trent has had one for sale for ages at £6995 (restored 2,000 miles ago) with no takers.But they also had a low mileage original one which they seem to have sold recently for around £12,000.
Percival Motors sold an LE GT last year for over £12,000 as well but that was supposed to be really top notch.
The market seems a bit strange, but I don't think the LE's or Jubilee's are worth a lot more than an equivilent condition "ordinary "car at present.

I agree John. As i stated earlier on the forum I have a friend with an LE GT which he has had from new. Present mileage is just over 300 miles! He recently tried to sell it through two classic car auctions and couldn't get a bid higher then about £6000. It is literally like new and has never been wet. Things are only worth what somebody will pay for them at the end of the day.

Regards, Ray

I apologise in advance for stepping onto my soap box again.

I think that the problem is that most people want to drive their investments and not look at them. This leads to the issues of a- paying a premium price for an original car but then not being able to drive it for fear of depreciation or buy a restored example which has the mileage and can be used plus save you £££'s.

Unfortunately these low mileage cars were bought in the main as investements and in my opinnion they reached their peak many years ago and now a days have to either be used or kept as a museum piece as the sad fact is that one day, dispite all efforts, they will fall apart and it will be sad to think that they were never used as MG intended them to be. I know which way I would go but I'm sure that there will be many of you who disagree.

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Last year someone in the US wanted to sell a 1,000 mile original US-LE in show condition ...... to buy and restore another US-LE to use that one.

Cheaper is to use the first one, you know it is good .... at least when all the cooling, fuel and brake hoses and tires are replaced - otherwise you are driving a time bomb to my opinion.

PS I'm guilty to .... we own a USLE with under 300 miles original and bought another one to modify that one with a moss supercharger, ford 5 gear conversion and to lower it.
Sofar I drove the first one a few miles and the second one not at all, no registration yet on it, busy with other projects, also on 4 wheels for the record.

To my opinion the listing for this car is already ended ??

I don't think cars are good financial investments.Ok we all know that Bugattis and certain other exotics will cost an arm & leg,but in the main if you buy a run of the mill car,it'll cost you.The pleasure that you get from using them is the reward.:D
I went to Coventry Museum of Transport yesterday with the Forest of Dean Historic Vehicle Club (well worth a visit especially as it's free to enter) and they pose the question there of whether they should use their exhibits or keep them original.We were all of the view that they should be used.
They have one of the last 50 E Types in there,which has only done 800 miles from new but it didn't look that good to me (the colour didn't help).I guess if anyone bought it ,it would cost a small fortune to put it on the road anyway with tyres ,brakes ,electrics ,hoses and possibly the oil seals in the engine & gearbox all needing work.
Mind you I dont think it would be practical for them to put the two Thrust Land Seed Record cars back into use.
They have got a 1952 Ferguson prototype saloon car which I would love to have seen working.Flat Four 2.2 litre engine,4 wheel drive,4 wheel disc brakes and Maxaret anti lock brakes.Terrific and this was 1952 remember.I guess that as this is the only one of its kind then it needs to be carefully preserved but it ought to be used as well.

Great place-I went there with the MGB register last year and would thoroughly recommend it.

I agree that they should be used. Did you see the old 1909 taxi down near the Triumphs etc. where the question was possed as to whether it should be rebuilt (it has never been touched-so the seats,although thread bare had had bums on them for over 100 years) or not. I said no as all the history you could see (yes it's wear and tear) would be lost and it would just look shiny and new again.

Did you see the MGF prototype-it was absolutly massive and unrecognisable)? The E type was a is a very interesting colour amazing how tastes change.

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

I agree withyou about the Taxi,It's done its work and deserves to rest in peace.It wouldn't be very practical to use ,so its best as a static exhibit showing its age and scars.
The museum is a lot bigger than I expected and I didn't see the MGF although I thought I had seen everything .I'll just have to go again

Was it still there? Called the Baltic and made in 1991 as the first of many prototypes ending up with the MGF.

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break
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