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I know that the Sicura MG watch is rare, only 1,000 made but Im a bit shocked how much money they command when up for sale.

eBay item number:131177115687

£775 and still 4 days to go on the bidding.

Bob Hubbard

gutted I had this on my watch list at 0.99 at least its not 726

"I know that the Sicura MG watch is rare, only 1,000 made but Im a bit shocked how much money they command when up for sale."

I have been watching ebay for these watches for 6 years. Sicura were part of Breitling and rare Breitling watches are very collectible. Some of their divers watches go for £5-7k and the MG watch is based on that.

This one has never been worn, has all the paperwork and is in it original box.

Next time I am at a meeting of the group I'll bring it along, 55th birthday present from my wife 🙂

It sold for £1,033

Becaefull with the watch though as it is not waterproof.

Bob Hubbard

Not waterproof?!!

I would have to get it fitted with a poly bag then..
And a hardened bump case like my phone needs


There are more as 1,000 pieces produced seen one with a higher number, they were on sale via MG dealers in those days for (in Holland Dutch Guilders 300 which was about UKP 50).
Sicura was not part of Breitling, actually Sicura took over Breitling in that time and for as Breitling has a better name - specially for pilot watches - the Sicura name disappeared.
The MG watch is 100% SICURA not Breitling, not automatic just handwind, brass chromed casing not stainless steel and water resistant.
Keep it dry and don't have it polished when scratched, but it doesn't leak oil ........ 😀

Seen the bidding of the winner of #609 he was willing to pay more.

I picked up #113 for about 2 years ago from Ebay UK for about UKP 400, used but not bad incl. the hard case but no certificate had to replace the glass.

History of Breitling/Sicura can be found on the web as well as the 1975 catalogue of Sicura indicating this watch without the MG logo.

I had a problem with my shower the other day & I forgot I had mine on. The watch (No 043)is not waterproof as it is still drying out 4 days later.

Bob Hubbard

Better have it opened by a watchmaker, now rust might built up in the casing in the mechanics.

Another watch has just come on the market at a buy it now price of £985 number 29. eBay item number:181591821954
My mate bought one last week off Ebay for £300 number 528. & it had the proper strap.

Bob Hubbard

They are a rare beast and much coveted by the UK 75 Jubilee owners. Not a lot is known but what is thought is that they were offered by the factory/dealer as a special option when you bought a Jubilee. A lot of special dealer extras were offered that year as a "celebration" of the 1975 Jubilee production. To answer your question much more information is sought but what the JULE club has been able to find out is that it seems that most watches were sold or passed on to non Jubilee owners than actual new car buyers. A lot of good ideas for the Jubilee car came about but failed to work satisfactory. Such as the gold dash plaque with the new owners name and car number which really got messed up and many of the cars never got one.
It is a high quality watch and worth more to a Jube owner than the actual clock value.
They were made by Sicura which later bought out by Breitling but kept their name. 1000 MG watches were commissioned but we don’t know how many are still around.
Price range from £300 to £1000+

Bob Hubbard
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