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£300 im gutted missed that one!

Simon Cowles cousin bought it M. 528 is now in the jewlers at the for a service. It did start off cheap £99 but the bloke but a buy it now at £300 and it got snaped up. The one for sale now 029 has no paper work to go with it & it has the wrong strap as well not to mention the scratches on the back of the watch. Not worth the £795 asking price.

Bob Hubbard

Now how about this car on ebay. Do we know of it? Is it genuine? The advert says that it is an LE GT but has been lowered and fitted with chrome bumpers! (Oh dear). Ebay Number: 121523211928.

It has been suggested that it is a 'phoney'! 😉


Its not on my list Chris, got a 90 w or a 776w though.

Bob Hubbard
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