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Electronic ignition -advice appreciated.

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Hi Colin
I would be interested in a combined deal too. This is something I am going to upgrade on my Jube next year


Hi Chaps/thanks for the interest.

I have sent the guy a message asking about a group buy & will let you know what he says-If he will do a deal it looks like we already have 3-I will get one ready for Lottie's B (potentially 4 if Rockdelta is interested)

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

I'm gonna stand back on this buy, as I think I will be getting a Lumenition or a 123 ignition

I'm gonna stand back on this buy, as I think I will be getting a Lumenition or a 123 ignition

Hi that's fine...the offer of help still stands but if you do it yourself please let us know how things went?


Just had this back from simonbbc

If anyone is worried about the 12v supply don't be as I can make up an extra plug and play (correct colour coded) loom without the need of removing the ballast resistor from your looms-thus leaving them standard and the dizzy easily reversable should you require to change back-

Hello Colin

The units we use are now reproduction units but are rebuilt by our Ex Lucas engineers to a very high standard (comes with two year warranty too)
We can work a price for multiple orders and return customers.. please see our website for more information.

The ballast will need either removing or bypassing as the modules require 12 volts constant to function correctly.

I hope this helps


If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

When I get it, I'm gonna give this one a go on my own, looking at what I need to do its nothing I can't handle or understand 🙂
I will take pictures and do a commentry when I do put it in.
However new carpets currently take priority

Will I definatley need vaccum advance though?

Will I definatley need vaccum advance though?

I honestly don't know but you will need to advance the ignition somehow. Also be sure to cap the manifold's outlet pipe well otherwise your running will be affected

getting the old one out will probably be the hardest part. If you need to fit a 12v coil/need a ballast bypass wire then let me know.

Good luck with both projects-I hate fitting new carpets:@:@

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Mine runs fine without a vacuum. Ideally mine should go back from another rolling road to get it setup as it does seem to idle a bit low at the moment, probably cause everything is settling down There is a grub screw on the body of the 123 igntion which needed setting by my Tuner prior to fitting to the engine. I cannot remember what it sets or does! I'm not very good with setting engines up, I can pull them out and put them back in well though.....

Just to let you know, I have opted for the Lumenition Optronic Ignition, so when it arrived I will let you all know how it goes.

Hey guys, just finished fitting the Lumenition Optronic System today, and set the static timing. Need to sort out the timing properly dynamically but I got it all sorted so it fired up.

Well fitting wise it was fairly simple, a few fiddly bit, but all you need is a bit of patience and make sure you don't do your back in, as I did spend a deal of time leaning into the engine bay.

All you need to make sure is that you follow the instructions to the wrod which are relativley simple, and make sure the wires are correctly placed.

instantly I noticed an improvment, where my car would take a bit of effort to start up normally, it just started at the turn of the key, no gas, no choke.

Secondly, where mine idled very rougly, sometimes too high, somtimes too low somtines all over the place, now it stays at a nice 900 rpm all the time.

Where my car did missfire and back fire occassionally, the backfiring has stopped, and the missfires have minimised, and will probably dissapear once I set the dynamic timing

The car still tends to deisil/run on when you turn the ignition off, but thats a timing problem and will be sorted.

But apart from my cars other imperfections, I feel the car has improved a massive load, better response and hopefully better MPG.

I got Karens car out for the first time this year last week & I was lucky to get it home. (Points) Played around with them next day, better but still no good.
Went onto Ebay & bought a set of these for £29 inc post POWERMAX electronic ignition.
just take out the points & condencer screw this new thinngy in its place & two wires onto the coil & Bingo works a treat. Should have done it ages ago

Bob Hubbard
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