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Engine won't rev over 3000

Has any one suffered from fuel starvation causing the engine to splutter above 3/3500rpm. I :(think it is either the fuel pipe furred up inside or the HIF SU carbs playing up - any ideas.

New fuel pump fitted along with new filter and rubber pipes. Ignition set spot on with newleads, coil and plugs.

Check the vacuum pipes for leaks first...

I had a similar problem where part of the fuel hose had deteriorated on the inside and the broken away and blocked the carb.

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Checked the pipes all ok, cleaned the carbs and reset the jets, coming to the conclusion the steel pipe under the car has furred up as the LE has been stood for longer than being used (66000 miles in 36 years!):(

I did have a car that had a load of gunge inside the carbs so you might find it in the fuel lines.

Bob Hubbard

So have now changed fuel pump, filter, pipes, removed air filters, changed and reset ignition, new leads, new plugs, new coil and still she will not rev over 3000, definitely fuel starvation as when you lift off for 5 secs and accelorate she goes to 4000 before stutering. Has anyone any further ideas, my next call is the fule pick up pipe in the tank. After that is it down to a carb change back to HS4 !:(

It would be worth checking that the breather in the fuel cap isn't blocked. If after getting to 3,000 rpm and turning the engine off, if you remove the fuel cap and get a "shloooop" sound and air rushing in, that could be the problem. It means the pump is trying to suck against a vacuum.

Have run with no fuel cap, so that is not the problem. However, when being MoT'd yesterday the tester commented on how quiet the engine was. Where was the famous MGB tappet sound, he suggested the tappets could be too tight and not letting the valves shut 100% thereby losing compression at higher revs, any comments?

Fitted refurbed cabs from Andrew Turner ( now runs sweet as a nut.:D

Sounds like there was either an air leak or blockage

Glad that you're sorted 😀

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Looks like the cause was the back carb was all gummed up from being stood, so 3000rpm was the most i could get on 1 carb. Still sorted now, and now to overhaul the brakes.:)