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Exterior Door locks

Ok, I am onto the next part of my restoration (which is rather important really) But I have put it off for other things so far.

My interior door locks work, and both the outside ones are shot, one just keeps turning and is knackered, and the other one, the key doesn't even go in.

This requires me to quite hillariously lock both doors from the inside, then proceed to climb ou the boot and lock that if I want to lock up the car.

My question is, how easy is it to change the locks on both doors?
I guess it will require me to take apart the door, and so I may need to tackle other problems with the doors on the way, such as the fact that the window pops out of its track when winding it down or up and also that both doors are dropping on their hinges.

Also, if this job is best done by a professional, does anyone know of any places to reccommend to get it done near the north london area.


It's easy enough to do but requires removing the door trims. I wpuld recommend getting the special kit that stops the lock from rotating in the door skin

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Yeah, I've seen those kits, they should be good help.

I need to replace the door trims anyway, did the jubilee use a specific type of door trim, or is it the standard black one?

Door spindle locks are an excellent mod which stops the locks from spinning when trying to lock them. Much easier to fit that the clips that keep them in place, which just don't work after a little while!

Door cards are the same as every GT for that year.

The locks themselves to remove are just a cause of pulling away the old clip and sliding the barrel though the hole in the door. Don't need to remove anything else really, apart from detaching the door card from the door

Its the only thing I don't have a picture of from my build! No need for a garage to do the job, its very simple and easy job. Give yourself about 1/2 hour a side I thinks

Just a bit of advice if you get the same problem with trim screws as I did. If it is anything like my LE the holes for the screws had rusted and I could never get them back in properly as the hole gets bigger or disintigrates a little more everytime you try to tighten the screw. The outcome is a screw that wobbles lose and eventually your trim falls off. Don't be tempted by getting bigger and bigger self tappers, they'll eventually go the same way:|. I got hold of a pop rivet type set but the rivet has it's own thread to accept screw head type bolts. You drill out the required rivet size in the original hole position, pop rivet the threaded part in and hey presto, you have a fixing that holds tight and you can take the trim on and off as many times as you want. 🙂

I got a few probs like this on my trim, you got a website where I can see what these are and get some?

Having a hard time visualisng what they are

Thanks for all the help guys, thanks to you, my Jube has two new fully working locks fitted.

Hi northener 51, Machinemart do them but they are a bit expensive for the ones they do but it gives you a good idea what they are and it's the only site I can find with a good pic.
I borrowed mine from a friend of mine who I'm sure didn't pay anything like that for his set. I'll see where he got his from when I see him next.:) Plus if you do get one you could always ebay it after.:)