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Fibreglass body panels

Yep, sorry another question, I will be asking a lot as I am a first time MG owner, a first time classic car owner, and also 17.
But I really want to do a good job fixing my car up, so I apologise now for my many questions that will be posted on here.

Ok, here is my question, I have done lots of looking around and research, but have not had any direct advice about this.

I am getting my bodywork done and having the car resprayed, and I had come across the fact that the body panels were bolted onto the chassis and not welded, which set my mind on fibreglass panels, as before I didnt think about it as I know fibreglass is tricky to weld onto steel.

I know the benefits are the fact that is doesnt rust, is very cheap and also is lots lighter.

Could anyone shed some light onto this topic, anyone who has put fibreglass panels, or knows about it.

Many thanks


Hi Tom...You keep the questions coming,that's what the forum is for....I was 19 when I got my first MGB and 23 when I put a V8 in it but unfortumately that was many years ago:(

My views are as follows-

Firstly the only bolt on panels are the front wings and valance. The only reason in my opinion for using fibreglass is it is much cheaper, doesn't rust and it weighs less than steel. They are however much more awkward to fit and line up need different paint prep and in adverse temperatures (as they expand at different rates) it is harder to make them remain looking good.

I bought a factory V8 with a pair on once and got so fed up with trying to line them up/repair the cracking sealer on the joints (especially around the windscreen area) that I chucked them away and fitted a pair of good second hand steel wings-I would personally recommend that you do the same.


If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Ok, I get what your saying.

So would even a fibreglass bonnet start to look mismatched?

My panels are misaligned as it is, and I dont have the money to get it sorted straight away. But I suposed it will have to be something thats done gradually.

It is possible to get a good fit/match but it can take a lot of perseverence-I personally would fit good used steel panels though

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

I second that. Was looking into fibreglass wings for my car, and yes they are alot cheaper but ask yourself why. They are great for a race car, light, easy to replace in the pits, and they are so cheap you could take adequate replacements on your track day to keep you going but that's it. I always look at the way people always say that if a race car looks good at 50yrds or looks ok from where your watching when it's on track then it'll do, as it's a race car. It doesn't matter if it looks good it's performance that counts. Fibreglass wings for the MG were developed for racing and performance and not to look good. Plus they are quite brittle if knocked so that little bump in tesco's car park may cost you a full wing rather than just a small, easily repairable dint in a steel wing. I'm the same as you (although alot older). I'd love to be able to go for the cheaper easier option with my wings but unfortunately in this instance it maybe wiser searching out that good second hand wing buy or repairing what you have to get the best possible finish for a road car that is always open for people to give it a close inspection;) Good luck with the car and we'll try to answer as many questions as you throw at us. I'm no professional but the problems and heartaches I've had with my car may help you avoid the same mistakes I've made. Cheers.:)

Sound advice. I got my wings from eBay and was very impressed - they came, I think from the MG Centre in Wrexham so the listing was accurate, the packaging good and they used a reasonable courier. Clearly a better option than buying new if you can get them from a reputable seller.
No wing will fit right away, new or second hand and there is always a bit of adjusting to be done. I'd rather practice this on a good second hand wing at £50 than a brand new item!

Ok, thanks for the information.

I will stick to the original panels then.
I am having the body and paintwork done for the car soon so that should help to make it look lots nicer.

Got a few more questions that ave cropped up, so expect to see them on a new thread soon 🙂

Thanks for the advice