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Fuel Additive in an unconverted 1800 ?

There appears to be quite a bit of conflicting advice around this.

Just been using BP super unleaded with no additives so far.

As she hasn't really been used in anger yet I thought I'd solicit some opinionĀ  from here.

So what do you guys advise ?




I have owned my standard 50,000 LE since 2011 and have only run her on standard 97 fuel. She runs well/ no pinking overheating or running on

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Alan Lund
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We do use the additive and super unleaded in our B (and 79 Midget) I was always given to understand the additive helps protect the valves and valve seats, not necessarily about how well the engine runs?

I think its more a matter of preference, it doesn't cost that much and lasts quite a while