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Fuel pump problems


I've recently fitted a new SU fuel pump and in line fuel filter and it simply won't pump. I've tried removing the pipe at the carbs and pump into a container and it seems to pump air. I've removed the flexible on the suction side to the fuel tank and the pipe is empty although there is 2 gallons in the tank.

Any suggestions?

Are the wires around the right way & or the fuel lines.

You might need to prime it

If no power then the wire coming out the wiring loom to the pump might be brittle

Give the line coming out the tank a shot of air, it bight have a bit of muck in it


Bob Hubbard

Thanks for coming back Bob. I removed the pump and could see a small split on the inlet flex pipe which was hidden by the S/S braid. All is now fine and working. Another part of the jigsaw complete, close to getting it back on the road after 20 + yrs in the garage!

If that was the case Ernie replace the fuel line going to & between the carbs. My jubilee had the habit if splitting these & spraying fuel over the hot manifold.

Bob Hubbard