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Gearbox change

Has anyone, or indeed would it be frowned upon, to change the B gearbox for a Ford type 9 or Mazda box.

It's quite a popular choice...

BTW Did you get in touch with your LE's previous owners?

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Just want to know if I will devalue the motor?

Sent an e-mail to prev pwner, no reply as yet


It won't devalue it as long as don't need to cut the bodywork about & keep the old gearbox to give to any new owner in case he wants to put it back to original condition.

I have a Ford T9 5 speed gearbox in one of my US-LE's, but please note that car came (as 90% of the later US export models) ex factory without an overdrive.
I prefer an UK o/d box over the Ford T9 to be very honest, have one built into a 1978 US market B (non LE) and ofcoure both my UK-LE and UK-LE-GT came stanard with those.
I mention specially mention UK o/d box, because the later US cars ones with only o/drive on 4th gear, not on 3rd and 4th like the UK ones, a fact what is hardly known.
The Mazda box kit is to my opinion very very expensive, believe UKP 3,000 of even more.
So if you o/dis not working properly please have it fixed if possble.

PS there is no cutting involved in fitting the Ford or the Mazda kit. So can always be rebuilt to standard.