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Almost 2 years into this project/obsession now.

So I compiled 2 lists :

  1. Completed = 21 tasks

2. To Do = 31 tasks

Plan was to finish Summer 21

Hmmm might be running a little late here 🙂


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Hi Alan

I think that that all restorations go that way but atleast you are nearing the halfway mark and who knows how many more lock downs we may have to possibly give you more time.


If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Hopefully you have now tackled the worst jobs and the remaining tasks will not take as long

Appreciate the comments, thanks.

I could have just bought a "good one" but where's the fun in that ?

Have learned a lot & I know it's been done right at the end of the day.

Almost finished installing parabolic rears, then onto the rear valance



Rear Valance trial fitting.

Hope to have it all fitted coming weekend.




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