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Headlamp Upgrade

Hi, the headlamps on my 81 GT LE are looking a little rusty inside and I wondered if there is a simple inexpensive upgrade I may do to improve the overall lighting or are the standard ones as good as it gets ??

I realise they are never going to be as good as the huge ones fit to more modern cars but I intend this being a year round daily driver so any small improvements should be worthwhile.

Many thanks


I got a relay kit from moss for mine, not fitted yet though. And some osram 2.0 bulbs from ebay for around £8.

I bought a Halogen head light upgrade for my Jubilee but when I had them on full beam I lit up the moon. But I replaced Karens B with the older style sealed beam units & I must say that they are quite bright & I can see plenty of the road ahead in town or in the country.

Bob Hubbard

I always use Hella H4 type headlamps equipped with Philips economy lamps which take less power to save the switches.

In case money would not be an obtion I might go for these:

I think a pair is about UKP 800,00 - no i'm not kidding - to lite up even beyond the moon.

Hmm I think I will wait a while for LED lights to come down in price by some £780!:)

Bought new H4 reflectors and halogen bulbs for mine either from MGB Hive or MGOC Spares (can't remember which). They work well, but yes I probably ought to add the relay sometime soon.


I have tried various options on my Caterham which uses the same headlamp units. Good new sealed beam are adequate, Wipac and Hella H4 units are better, but the best I have found is Cibie H180 units which must have better quality glass & reflector as the beam is crisper and brighter using the same bulbs. Have got a pair for my V8 Roadster.

I then use Philips Extreme Vision +130% bulbs which make a significant difference but without the additional current draw associated with conventional high power bulbs (90/100W).

Also if not already done fit a relay to the headlamp circuits.

@ Tonybassplayer

In case you (or others) are interested I do have a pair of Halogeen headlights with pilot light here in Holland which do came from the Jubilee which I imported a few years ago.
The lights are for UK RHD traffic and I had to replace them with LHD traffic lights.
The RDH lights are in a very good condition - close to new - and I believe they are Wipac, they are useless to me, you can have them for free just reimburse me the postage via Paypal or so.

I expect the postage to UK is about UKP 15 till 20 will check that.