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headlight help


I'm having trouble getting the Headlights on my Jube to work properly.

I can get the Side Lights to come on but when you flick the switch for Main Beam or flick Full Beam on the lights go out.......

I've checked the switch, fuses and cleaned the Earth connection point by the radiator and they all seemed ok.

Has anyone else had this problem or can someone point me in the right direction?



I assume you've chased the wiring at each joint with a test lamp to see where the electric runs out?

I had the column switch fail on mine ages ago and it took some finding.


Totally agree - need to check every connection from one end to the other - there is a bad connection somewhere along the line.

I'm 99% sure it will be the column switch. If you take the cowling off you'll see that when you flick the headlights to full beam that their is a copper strip which makes/breaks contact. Over time the contacts become dirty and the circuit doesn't complete but as the dipped light circuit is switched off as part of the procedure your dipped lights go out.If you get a screwdriver and press the contacts your head beam lights should work.If they do a good clean and adjustment of the switch (put a small blob of vaseline on to help in future) and you should be up and running again. Any probs please let me know?is often

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

thanks, i will have a go with your suggestions tonight.

good luck;)