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heater woes

Hi all, thanks to jubilee man for the nice welcome and the PIC .
I will get some pics done and posted asap. Been reallly busy lately, but finally got the heater box refurbed yesterday. The problem I've got is that it rained last night ,when I went to put the heater back in the car the fresh air intake chamber below the grill at the bottom of the windscreen was full of water overflowing into the car. I can't see any way for the water to drain out, can any one throw me a life line?


There is a drain hole at the bottom of it which is attached to a drain pipe which can only be got to by lifting the car and reaching up into the gearbox tunnel 🙁 . the pipe should have a round bulbous end on it which often blocks up with leaves etc. /this is best removed and then hopefully the chamber will drain but if not a trusty wire coat hanger will help solve the problem.

Once clear I would suggest leaving the bulb bit off as it is more trouble than its worth but also be sure that after thoroughly cleaning everything out that you fit a fine ( as the others won't work) mesh gauze under the chrome grill to stop it happening again :D. If left for too long it will obviously rot, like this leaving your footwells permanently wet :(, plus it is quite an awkward place to get to to fix- The drain is under the plate/virtually impossible to reach.

Good luck

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Many thanks, I would never have found that, thankfully mine has not got tin worm yet.

Well that was easy, managed to get it from the top, squeezed the bulb and noticed some air bubbles coming up, took the bulb off and pushed all the crap out with my little finger. Again many thanks.

No problem/glad that your sorted and hopefully dry 😉

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break