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Hello .. from me and my Jubilee!

Hello, finally introducing myself after getting a Jubilee a few months ago.

Its not my first MG BGT, but after selling my last one I finally succumbed and bought a replacement (which happens to be Jubilee 701).

I've tried adding a photo of her (if you can't see it, can someone explain how to add a photo to a post?)!

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  • mgb-gt.jpg
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Andy HowardAlexander Roy

Looks like it worked!

Went for a drive in her today (between the rain showers) .. I do love the physical nature of these cars and they always turn a few heads!

She's now tucked up next to one of my XJ40's (the silvery blue 3.2S), whilst I do a few things to her to get her ready to play with a bit later thisĀ  year!

Hope to meet a few of you later this year!

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Well, thanks for the welcome guys!


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Glenn Bukin

Lovely car... enjoy!

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Alexander Roy