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Help! Faulty rev counter stalling engine?

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The other day I noticed my ignition light was flickering while the engine was on. I ordered a new 18acr alternator from moss and fitted it up. Car started ran fine, but then would just shut off. I fitted new brushes in the old alternator and it also does the same. We have traced the problem to the rev counter, if left disconnected on the coil it runs fine, if we plug it back in the engine cuts out with no spark.

Is it new rev counter or earthing problem? Or has the new alternator blown something?

Interesting one pete....if you remove the rev counter and connect the input wire wire + to a ohm meter and the other to the rev counter's body does it show as earthing out (faulty)-try shaking it a bit incase its a loose connection?

Have you tried driving her with the tacho disconnected?

If not what happens with the tacho wired up and the alternator disconnected?

It could also possibly be a coil problem...again with the ohm meter check out the readings.

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

The tacho gets its signal from the coil, but it is also connected to the voltage stabiliser along with the fuel gauge, does the fuel gauge work if not I would check the volt stab, it may have been spiked when the alternator gave up.

Further update, I kept thinking over in my mind that something didn't look right. The was a loose plug(been loose ever since I've owned it) that was on top of the alternator all the time, probably from a 5 pin setup maybe or something else? Anyway it looks like the temp sender wire connector has snapped off and my dad connected the loose one from off where the alternator was in place of the snapped temp sender while I was at work.

Not had a chance to test it yet as I just thought of it, hopefully it hasn't took out rev counter or the solid state voltage stabilser. Thanks for the replies though.

Soldered a new spade terminal onto the water temp wire and tucked the random loose one back out the way. Everything seems to be ok, all gauges working and no cutting out *touch wood*

Always wear your glasses when working with wires 😉


If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

So was your original alternator faulty, or did the new brushes cure the flickering ignition light?

New brushes cured the flickering light 🙂 I'll keep the new one as an emergency spare.

Light came back on again and the alternator was sounding pretty noisey so the new one had to go back on 🙂

Just as well you kept the new one:D... Is it an uprated unit,as in higher output?

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break
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