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Hooray! Leaking rainwater in my footwells.

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I suppose, looking on the brightside, at least it isnt a panel thats rotted all the way through, this way I can get some welding done and not have to worry about affecting the look of the car.

If it needs to be done, it needs to be done, otherwise I will never be able to recarpet the car out of fear of the new carpet going rotten

Absolutely, no point in putting new stuff down if you know it's going to get wet. That's definately the way to think about this one, there's no colour matching to be done in this area and to be honest nobody will see it if the welding was a bit of a mess. No worries, you'll have it done in no time:)

How do I go about reaching this point of the car, seeing as it doesn't matter if its a bit of a messy job with the welding, I was thinking of getting a friend with a welding tool to come and give me a favour.

But of course no use having a welding tool with no acess to the hole.

I'm worried that I will almost have to gut the front of the car, and the only experience Iv'e had is taking my door panels off and dealing with the doors, don't want to run before I can walk.

How are you getting on with this mate? Any luck?

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