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Is there anybody.......out there ?

As this forum is not exactly a hive of activity I'm not holding out much hope but here goes ....

I want to refurb my GT LE (UK) front bumper badge.

Originally of-course it had a red background but is now long gone (see photo)

Suggestions please on the best method to restore the red & indeed which red.




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Hi Alan

Sadly despite an awful lot of time, effort & expense the Website is grossly under used.

In answer to your question though I would recommend purchasing a NOS (New Old Stock) part

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Michael Hendrikse
If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Agree, find and buy one as NOS👌

Thank you both for the responses.

I'm of a mind that I'd prefer to refurb rather than buy NOS

Surely a touch up red paint stick would work here if done carefully ?

I think I'll just find one that roughly matches the red on the steering wheel badge.

If I end up making a hash of it then NOS it is.



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ColinMichael Hendrikse


I have restored the front badge on my Jubilee by hand painting successfully and you should be able to do so easily. Matching with the red on your steering wheel would ensure continuity of colour and the range of spray paints available should ensure you get a pretty good match.

With regard to your comments on the underutilisation of the website, do recognise the quality of the website to be used- at least it is there, not the case for many specialist models. Alot of time is given by a few people to ensure the site remains active, and a lack of dialogue is not necessarily a reflection of a group of enthusiasts who do not find the site/club useful. For my part many technical issues are adequately covered on other MGB websites. However I have found it useful for those items that are specific to our models which nobody else produces, and a production run has been created through our club. Also I find it useful to be kept in the loop of possible attendance by club members at various events should I wish to go myself. There have also been a really interesting major restoration which has been well covered over the last couple of years.

With the passage of time I hope you come to value the site. It is a site run by volunteers and valued  volunteers I would suggest.

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Alan Lund

I refurbished mine with Humbrol Enamel modelling paint and a small brush - it looks great and the paint is very hard wearing, but if you're doing a concours restoration then a NOS part would probably be better.

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Alan Lund

Hi Ian/Ross,

thank you both so much for the feedback.

@Ian: Completely understand your response regarding utilisation, I do hope traffic increases, I have tried to do my bit here, see my "rust bucket" posts. Doesn't have to be technical stuff either just some inane chit chat is ok with me .

@Ross: I'm not even close to concourse, so the approach you suggest is ok with me !




You are in good company, I have had our car since 1978 and it is largely in original condition. So it is showing the signs of age. For me the importent thing is that it is around and about for people to see, reminisce and give enjoyment. We still get immense pleasure from sharing our passion for these special cars at various local car events, although at 6ft 4in and age,  getting in and out is becoming a challenge!Trust your continuing restoration goes well.



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Alan Lund