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Is this one on our list?

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can we have a searc h function on the site so if we see one for sale we can search the reg No and see if it is known?


Trefor... If you can work out the program for it i will gladly add it to the site

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

I did find YLG 613 W LE GT on a site some where but Im not at home to check it.

Bob Hubbard

Whilst getting my motorbike MoT'd this week the garage had an LE roadster in for some work. The owner wasn't there but I made a note of the registration number in case its not on the list?

CUY 211 W

Yes it is on our list & thanks for spotting the car.
It was first reg on 6.03.1981 and has been on the road ever since.

Bob Hubbard

Ebay HTS 730N claims to be no8 £300 will be sold in 8 hours

Bob Hubbard

Ebay add no. 252122322877
reg C500 OG
GT-LE with 40,000 miles "newest" B registered ......... don't make me laugh,
still unregistered cars can be found.

Not on my list Rob

Bob Hubbard

Same seller (trader) has another from the same owner on e bay. This is a "W "
and has only done 17,000 miles.\He wants £11,500 for it ,which ,if it's as good as described would I think be a good buy for someone who can keep it in storage for a few years (and not use it).Is this one on our list? I think it's supposed to be the last but one made.

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