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I have just received the latest issue of Enjoying MG from the MGOC. There is  a letter in there from a chap called Ian Downing looking for a Jubilee JAR607N which he owned around 25 years ago. The car doesnt seem to be on the database but apparently is in existance. He would like to hear from the current owner.

I thought I would put the details on here in case anyone is able to assist.

Best wishes






Hi Simon

Ian was the last registered owner of JRN as far as the club is concerned with him joining in October 2011. It might be worth checking with Michelle just incase she knows more ?


If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Hi simon, in my records I have it as being for sale in essex in may 2014 on car & classic for £2700. I'm afraid that's all I have although it is on the mgb register they maybe able to help its number 6407, with any luck the new owner maybe known to them x