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Jubilee 1800 to V8

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Nice one Colin, you have to love the V8 sound B)

It's great plus I (and the neighbours) are getting used to the straight through exhaust;)

jube man boy that was extensive i think i might pass on the idea of the v8 conversion ive seen alot of converted cars for sale im not that experienced to do the mod but im thinking more and more about the idea. my car is very sound but i dont want to do it cause my car is too valueble to do the conversion to as i said it was a documented car and id rather do it to another rdstr that has not as much research jube man im glad i saw what you did to yours thanks. what do you think a conversion would cost me for the parts and whatever james gelbman:@:@

It's hard to believe that come next year it will be 9 years since I breathed fire into my Jubilee.

Really looking forward to getting her back on the road again, after a 3 year absence, over the winter months 🙂

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break
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