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Jubilee Stripes.

Hi, my car is a 'University Motors Jubilee V8 MGB GT. From the history I have it had the jubilee stripes added by the dealer, University Motors, with the blessing of the MG factory in 1976 when it was hard to sell V8's due to the oil crisis.

The stripes have faded so am thinking of replacing them. The ones on offer from the club shop specifically says the laurel leaf motif is the original green and not black. My car is a black car and the laurel motif appears to be black. Does anyone know if my 'University Motors' edition had the black laurel originally or should it be green?



Hi Paul
Thanks for getting in touch
Your v8 will have been fitted with the standard jubilee stripes which is what were used to create the club stripe set. Upon doing this the graphics company advised me that the laurel logo is a very dark green , almost black so this is what we matched to.
The kits are otherwise identical to the originals and also manufactured in the same 3m vinyl (but obviously the latest spec). The only difference is that the original sets had the logo screen printed whereas the club kits are printed and then laminated to protect from UV - this is so fine as you really can’t tell the difference.
I hope this helps and the only other thing I would add is that at the moment they are currently out of stock as I have been unable to collect the new stock from the manufacturer.
Kind regards
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Is it this one? I spotted this at Aylesford Priory a few years back

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Hi Ian,

Yes that is now my car. Bought it from Former Glory last June. Unfortunately it is off the road at the moment as it has developed a gearbox problem. It seems to be only on second gear but there is a 'ticking or clicking' noise which is louder when on overrun. Had the car booked in with Heathrow Transmissions down in Chichester but had to cancel due to the current lockdown situation. Hopefully can get it sorted soon.

Thanks Colin. Maybe the stripes were replaced with some non standard stripes at some point on my car as the laurel logo definitely looks black, same as the paintwork.

Hi Colin,

Do you think that University Motors used a black laurel logo to match the black paintwork?

Hi Paul

University Motors would have used factory stock however there were different batches made over the years . To confirm the original set we used as a template are so dark green as they look black... Here is a wing section which I have peeled back to show you.

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