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Jubilee tail gate badge.

What colour is your tailgate badge please ? Currently ours has an HZA 5025 black /silver one, for some reason .
This comes in 2 parts, a plinth and an adhesive insert. The correct plinth is HZA5021 in gold / black ( noted as fitted to the Jubilee models and also " selected cars between GHD360301 and 410000 " from the Moss catalogue ) but the only inserts noted are CRST180 in red/ silver , CRST181 in black/silver, and CRST 182 in blue/silver. Now I'm sure I've seen a gold version of this with black letters.
So, what do you have please ?

Hi...Yes they should be gold and your old one may well have started out that way but years of polishing wears the gold finish off.They are readily available at most places inc ebay

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Thanks for that! We have part of this badge - the gold octagon and the tail, which we bought at a Silverstone MG meeting some years ago - but for some reason we are missing the B GT 'insert'. We should be able to get that from Moss, but we wanted to be sure we asked for the right colour.