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Jubilee Wanted 4 Photo shoot

Our freind Simon Goldsworthy from the MG Enthusiast Mag has contacted me asking if I knew any one had a Jubilee that he could use as a feture in his mag. See Email below.
If you could help out I, Simon & the club would be most abliged.
Contact me via this forum post, Private Message or Email + a photo if you have one & I will pass on your details to Simon.

Hi Bob,
Good to see you at Stoneleigh, and I hope you had a successful show.
I am on the scrounge for a contact for a feature car. Would you be able to point me in the direction of a nice Jubilee GT whose owner might be willing to meet up for a feature in the magazine in the next couple of months or so? No worries if not, but I thought it was worth asking.
Best wishes,

Bob Hubbard

I don't mind as I am in Uckfield East Sussex so not too far away.


Thank you for eveyones Emails & Private Messages that I have recieved. I will pass all your details on to Simon on Tuesday.

Many thanks to every one for your help & I am shure you will enjoy your day with him.


Bob Hubbard