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Jubilee Wheel Refurbishment

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I am trying, at this stage, to get a feel for the interest in offering a wheel reconditioning service for members. I have a spare set and intend splitting the rim from the ally centre so that they can be properly sandblasted before being powder coated with the correct gold fleck paint of the original wheels. I am hoping that these will be priced at somewhere in the region of £100-120 per wheel. I will also see if it is feesable to powder coat the wheel centres to match.

I will also be looking into getting the wheel nuts re-manufactured in the correct 1-15/16 size (rather than the 24mm so often supplied) in aero grade stainless steel so no more rusting.

If, in theory, this something that would be of interest to you could you please add your name to this thread?

Many thanks

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Sounds good.
My wheels are in need of some TLC. I am going to give them a go my self first though. I did the LE wheels last year and they are not too bad for a DIY job, so I'm expecting the same results with the Jubilees. If I muck them up Ill let you know

Bob Hubbard

Thanks Chaps...

Neil...I spoke to the v8 register a while back regarding wheel nuts and at that time they were only supplying the standard chrome plated steel version

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

I Was thinking of cleaning my nuts with a wire brush and to drop them in boilig oil again. 😮 Every has agreed they look very nice afterwards.:D If they do go horibly wrong then I can replace them:p
That was on the LE wheels though. What do you think I was talking about!

Bob Hubbard


Be careful, boiling oil can hurt! 😮

This from a post I did on LE wheels last year.

I have been cleaning up my LE Alloys this weekend and the Black Nut's are letting them down a bit and I am not going to pay £14 each for new ones, I remembered this method from my school days & had a go for my self.

Get your Nuts & give them a good hard scrub with a wire brush.
Get an old Bake Bean tin and half fill with old or new engine oil.
A damp cloth as we expect an oil fire.
Long nosed pliers, and a gas blow torch that you use for paint striping.

Stand one nut on a flame proof surface and heat with the blow torch untill they are VERY hot.
Pick the nut up with the pliers and drop it into the tin of oil. The oil will smoke like a bonfire & properly burst into flames. If this happens place the damp cloth over the tin to extinguish the fire.

DO NOT use Water as this will cause the fire to go out of control or a Fire Extinguisher as this will blow the burning oil every where.

Leave the nut in the oil while you heat up another nut. When the other nut is ready remove the first nut from the tin using the pliers and place on a heat proof surface to cool down. Do Not pick it up for a long time with your hands as they are still very hot & are covered in boiling oil. Then repeat the process on the other nuts.

When the nuts are COOL, wipe the oil off with a rag and they will be nice & black again.

The jubilee nuts & wheels are tatty and need attention. If I blacken the nuts Im kinda thinking will it be too much black on the wheels. If this is so at least they wont look tatty and then I can buy new nuts to bring back the bling factor.

Bob Hubbard

I have previously tried this with a company who supplied stainless bolts for securing groins in sea defence's. They took a nut I provided to British Steel laboratories who checked its structure and they weren't able to easily get stainless steel of the correct tensile quality and wouldn't use anything less because of liability. So if you can I would be interested in nuts and washers. Please keep me in the loop.


Hi Jim

I found a company last year who sould match them exactly but unfortunately the price was too high. What I will do is have a chat with the V8 redister and see how much interest there might be from them to get the price down a fair bit & then put a poll on here to see how many interested parties we have to see if it is viable.

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Concerning the buying of brand new wheel nuts for the MGB LE's, it may be of interest to members to know that in February of this year, I bought 16 black wheels nuts for just £3.95 each from MGB-Hive. As mentioned in an earlier post, they range from £9 to £14 normally. MGB-Hive had wrongly priced the LE nuts at this very low price on their website. When I phoned my order through, they told me it was a wrong price listing, but very kindly honoured the low price. Not sure if they have changed price yet, but if someone wants new LE nuts it might be worth them trying to copy my good fortune.

Any development on this? I had one restored by RJ Spratley when I restored mine and it needs repairing. The pot rivets have come loose and the centre is separating from the rim! Not sure if RJ is still around, got to pop a phonecall in to see if I can send it off and they separate the rim and centre so fingers crossed they are still around

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