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Jubilee Wheel Refurbishment

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Hi Pete.....that's pretty scary 🙁 usually the problem is that thry leak not work loose..

I am still working on these along with refurbs for the LE but unfortunately been side tracked with work stuff 🙁

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Yeah had a knocking on the rear and simply couldn't find where it was coming from. All bushes and linkages ok, rear arms ok etc. Just had a thought is the wheel torqued on correctly? So give the tyre a tap and there I found the problem. Could hear and see the rim making a metallic sound!!! Once I got the alloy off the car without the tyre, if I hold the centre and tap the rim you can hear it knocking about which isn't fun! So it definitely needs the rivets resetting

That is really bab....Spratley can't have heat pressed them in or if they did the rivets were'nt cherry red 🙁 is it just one wheel?

just aswell they weren't on the back of mine with the torque of the V8 😮

plus they were the strongest wheel ever produced by Dunlop at the time..

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

I have been looking at a refurb of my Jubilee wheels as one of the previous owners had them repainted in the wrong colour gold. Yes I know it has taken me 18 years to get round to it lol. Doing a little research I have found that Hammerite do a smooth paint in gold so will do a test on the spare wheel and see how it looks. It certainly seems to be a very close in colour to the gold stripes and both wheels and stripes should in theory match.

Had a go at repainting the spare wheel of my jubilee this afternoon, with plenty of help from Mrs L. The handpainted Hammerite smooth approach seems to have worked pretty well.

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The wheel looks nice, but I wonder the production date of the tyre .....
You might get into a surprise when you use that tyre mounted on your car.
Better be safe as sorry.

looks good. 🙂

Is there only one Hammerite Smooth shade of Gold? If not can you tell me which one you used?

I have checked their website

The gold I used is the only gold they offer.

A previous owner had repainted the wheels and used a gold colour that was far too "copper" like. This is much closer to the gold stripe colour and so is a pretty good match.

The wheel is now finished having had a second coat in one or two places where the first coat either missed out or was a bit thin. Once the new stainless steel wheel nuts arrive from the MGOC early next week work will start on the wheels on the car including doing the wheel hubs and refixing the gold badges.

Best wishes


top stuff, thanks Simon

Painted the two drivers side wheels this weekend, using the hammerite smooth black and gold paint I had used on the spare.

With the wheel hubs sanded down and repainted as well and the wheel badges re-fixed and stainless steel wheel nuts holding everything in place I think it was a good days work. I few bits of touching up still to do. Other side next week.

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