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Jubilees at MG Live

MG Live 2019

celebrating 95 years of MG, should we try and coordinate getting as many Jubes there as possible.  50 as it was the 50th anniversary would be a nice target

I should be going





Hi Trefor.

Getting 50 cars together is very hard work and we were very lucky in 2012 to do this. Next year I will be after getting another stand for the club at the NEC to celebrate the closing of MG by having a stand for L.E's only. I have informed the organisers of this and that I don't want to / can't afford to do the show every year. It also betters the chance of getting a stand if we do it every other year.

Bob Hubbard

As MG Live as originally planned now will not happen, could we within JULE organise a get together in the summer somewhere. The last club event like that was the Jubilee 40th birthday in 2015 in Abingdon.