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JULE 211 (KUG 339N) soon to be lost

Sadly it looks like another one of our 751 Jubes is soon to be lost.

She has been on our books for a while but sadly despite transferring ownership she wasn't saved. The first 2 pics are her current state in a breakers yard in NI and the others are from when she was last registered with us

Uploaded files:
  • KUG_339N...jpg
  • s-l1600.jpg
  • KUG_339N.jpg
  • B3-7MrgmkKGrHqFgsEyGk8yrp6BMoLmm20g_12.jpg
  • B3-7N8B2kKGrHqRjIEyeD-tQzFBMoLpqjz_12.jpg
  • B3-7QRQmkKGrHqUOKikEyZMqnFvZBMoLvdm9Q_12.jpg
  • B3-7Og2kKGrHqIOKjwEoGHglZJBMoLqw4bQ_12.jpg
  • B3-7RCw2kKGrHqNhkE78oyfBMoLg4mw_12.jpg
If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

bless so sad! she was in Scotland when she was with us wasn't she? well travelled just a shame she is so far gone.