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JULE Polo Shirt-Now Available

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Hi John

I went with the blue as it stands out well plus it contrasts well with the logo etc. but yes it is possible to have different colours provided the logo stays the same

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Personally I'm not that keen to have car on the arm or the website address on the back so would be happy with a blue shirt size L just the logo. Thanks Colin.

Hi Colin,

Like the logo and the website on the back...

I realise the various combinations involved could grow arms and legs and well done for having the patience of a saint...;)

Personally I'd like the logo on the front, website on the back and a Jube and an LE on the arms, but I'd like a darker blue shirt (Navy, or whatever they call it nowadays)

If this is possible I'd like 2 of them, size large

Just let us know how we go about ordering / paying for them

Hope this makes sense:)



Right then lets get things moving on the standard poloshirt (which can be in a different colour if required).

I have set up the following two eBid auctions.Ebid is much cheaper than eBay free to buy on and if you register as a business user (me) you can have upto 5 webstores. It's free to register/buy/purchase plus pay by Paypal + unless I have a gallery photo, which I don't need, there is 0% in sellers charges.

Please place your order (inc.sizes) but don't pay at the moment as dependent on numbers the carriage costs may well come down.

The auction for the logo only is-

The auction for the logo and website logo-

any questions please let me know?

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Oh s@$t, got a bit carried away with the ebid thing and before I knew it I'd done a buy it now with no option for size or colour:o:o
Sorry Colin, I've sent you an email via ebid but if you don't get it, the plonker that's just bought one but not paid is me and can I have an XL in Navy Blue please:D:D:D

Unlike Ebay Ebid doesn't show the option but if at this stage you just press the BIN button and leave it at that when I have final numbers for carriage I will let you know and you can add your size etc. to your paypal comments box

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Right ok Colin will do:)

The polo shirts look great and it's an excellent idea for Club members to sport these when we're out 'on show'. Thanks for doing all the spade work.
I've just ordered one through eBid (size to follow, but it will be Large!).
Registering on eBid only took a couple of minutes and was straightforward (Colleagues - don't be put off ordering this way!).
How many 'sales' so far? The more, the merrier.
Best wishes,


Bit of an update.

Thanks to those who have placed an order via eBid. I intend to let things run until Tuesday (1st of March) before placing the first order. I will then work out the numbers/adjust the carriage accordingly and send you an invoice. I would be grateful if you could send payment ASAP as I need to sort polo's for some of the members attending the Arras show on the 20th- incidentally anyone who is going and wants a shirt can have theirs taken over by Michelle-which will be cheaper and easier.


For those who asked about different colour choices here ids the selection for the ladies-!Bvo7El!BGk~$(KGrHqMOKicEwN

& these for the men!BZK6GV!!mk~$(KGrHgoH-EQEjlLlbinfBKl(oukyg!~~_12.JPG

Regarding those who would like cars embroidered on their sleeves (see below for choices) I have spoken to the supplier and they are coming back to me with prices. As soon as I have them I'll send out another PM and set up the item on eBid

L.E. (alloys) roof down
L.E. Wires roof up



If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Again, very many thanks for what you are doing for the Club, especially organising the shirts.
I think that it would look good if all Members could be pursuaded to opt for one colour (fat chance?) and the Royal Blue looks great, to give a team effect at gatherings.
I am also tempted by other colours, particularly the burgundy which looks rather regal, or the orange which is close to the bronze LE.
Again, (choices, choices) a bronze LE on the sleeve is tempting. what about wires with the roof down?
Incidentally, are there any size comparisons available?
Large = 38-40 inches or whatever.
I know that coping with all this will give you the impression of herding cats but I'm sure that we'll all be happy with the results of your efforts.
Many thanks,

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