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JVF 393N

Anyone know anything about this car?
I have been trying to trace its history with no luck whatsoever.
I do know it is an authentic Jubilee but it has no dash plaque.

Any help appreciated.

Hi Keith

Have you tried getting the details of her first owner via DVLA (only costs about £7 and gives you every owners details) and contacting them? I did this,as my Jube had no dash plaque, and found that they had kept it as a keep sake when they sold the car-unfortunately the plaque was lost but they remembered the number:D.

Worth a try as you might get lucky

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

I tried that and wished I had done so earlier.

Using resources that I use for genealogy (ok so I am a nerd) I found the original owner, had died the year before in a nursing home last year

hi keith
ive been collecting jube reg nos got lots of them but im afraid i havent got that one