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L.E Brochure on Ebay

Christmas is over and i am amusing my self by trawling through Ebay and I found this for £24

Bob Hubbard

Yes - this ad was all over the papers at the time if I remember correctly - not really a brochure. I have a couple of copies cut from the press somewhere....pretty high price it seems to me.

Seen lots of these on eBay but be aware that many are copies and not the original;) although they are normally a fraction of the price

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

When I was little (8), I decided to create a scrapbook of car adverts collected from magazines. The first advert was the front page of The Radio Times with Yes Prime Minister on the cover, the other side being this advert. Twelve years later, I bought the real thing!!

The real adverts usually sell for abouts £5.