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LE Drivers Seat

Dear All,

Just wondered if anyone else has noticed this issue - the drivers seat in my GT LE feels like it leans towards the drivers door? I have replaced the seat base foam and the webbing but it still doesn't feel right.

Its not particularly uncomfortable, just a bit irritating.

I've checked the obvious i.e. seat runners are fitted correctly and not bent, the wooden strips are fitted and in good condition, the aluminium spacers are present, etc and all is fine.

I'll check to confirm, but if the seat is leaning I am thinking about using some additional packing under the wooden strips on the drivers door side to level the seat. I can then make some thicker aluminium spacers on my lathe to suit. But before doing any of this it would be interesting to know what other owners have experienced before I make any modifications.

Any suggestions welcome, thanks in advance.


Mine seem fine, but I would give it a go but is the back level/square to the seat and is the seat square to the cabbin and not on the squiff?

Bob Hubbard

Is the floor bent??;)


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Bob Hubbard

Thank you for your responses.

I checked it all out carefully last night and thankfully there is nothing wrong with the floor, that's all straight and level and not corroded at all, also the seat back and base is all straight - however what I did find is that my car is sitting 10mm lower (measured at the rear wheelarch) on the drivers side than it is on the passenger side.

Also when I changed the seat base foam (a couple of years ago now) I stupidly left the orignal, and rather worn, webbing in place - so I think as a result of the car leaning slightly on the drivers side and the seat webbing being worn, that side of the seat base has become compressed which has compounded the problem.

The solution - I have fitted a new diaphragm base instead of the webbing and I have placed a 1/8" aluminium spacer plate under the seat rail on the drivers side to jack the seat up slightly on that side. Now it feels much better.

On the downside I guess I will need to think about replacing the leaf springs at some point - has anyone tried parabolic leaf springs with telescopic dampers?

No but I replaced the rear spings on the Jubilee with origional parts & they made a great difference.

Bob Hubbard


I've not personally fitted or driven a car with them fitted but have heard good reports although if you are fitting telescopics set them to a fairly soft setting as the parabolics are a lot softer 😉

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

I'm not sure I need to worry too much about a 10mm difference in my leaf springs at the moment so i'll probably leave it until it becomes more significant.

RE: Parabolic leaf springs - from what I have read its not essential that you fit a telescopic damper conversion but it is highly recommended. Obviously the cost increases significantly if I go down this route so I would like to be sure its worth the money!!

On the subject of leaf springs - just wondered if you use oil on yours?

When I bought my car it had hardly been used in the last 10 years and the springs were quite rusty. The previous owner never used any oil on the springs and consequently the ride quality was awful. When I first drove it, the ride made me feel quite sick it was that bad. Anyway I sprayed a load of motorcycle chain lube between the leaves, and that made a massive difference. Since then I have periodically lubricated the sprigs and it really helps the ride.