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LE for sale or is it an LE?

This has poped up on the MG Owners Forum.

An LE for sale. Is it a proper LE as the reg is not on our records?

Introduced 1980 - Number built - 420 cars. This one is chassis number GVADJ1AG/519304. The very last of the MGB Roadsters produced along with limited numbers of MGB GT's. This example is presented in beautiful show condition with unmarked coachwork. Superb underside. Any inspection very welcomed upon our own lifts. Magnolia hide interior topped by a quality double dutch hood and sat on chrome wire wheels sporting an MG registration number supplied with the MGB Roadster. Extensive history supports a rebuilt engine and the MGB drives beautifully with the benefit of overdrive on 3rd and 4th gears.Ready to simply drive or, I am sure, be much admired at shows. Currently MOT tested until August 2011. Delivery arranged.
Price - £8,950

Bob Hubbard

"double dutch" hood ?
I am dutch, so than I am worried about the quality ! B)

It is a genuine L.E., although the colour looks rather dark in the (chassis no.229 of 1000) and it hasn't been on the register til now.

Does anyone fancy contacting the seller in order that the club'd details can be passed on when she sells?

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Well the owner found a nice way not to have to battle with the seatbelt anymore, just a nut in the car and let the belt roll on.

Recently I bought the following in the US for USD 30.00 a pair and brought it home in my suitcase;

They work fine, also for a GT when you do not need to have one seated on the back seat.

The weblink is to the manifactorer direct, a friend of mine here in Holland ordered direct from them and it was sent perfectly.
As long as the value of the package is under a certain value here in Holland we do not have to pay import duties/taxes.
Please check with your authorities in the UK before ordering.
In the US it is also in the catalogues for of MOSS & British Victoria, for slightly higher prices. Perhaps Moss UK will follow ?

Definately an LE alright, allbeit stripeless like mine at the moment. Everything seems to be in the correct place and the engine bay looks correct. The colour looks a little dark as Colin says but I think it's a new spray job so it depends on how many coats of base colour they've put on. I've got so used to seeing faded or rubbed down paint anything looks darker than my car at the moment:D